About Us

mVentix, Inc. is an integrated marketing and technology agency with an extensive portfolio of mobile and channel marketing solutions for brands, marketing/ad agencies and media organizations. mVentix is located in Los Angeles, CA and provides services across the US and Canada.
The company was founded by several Marketing and IT industry insiders, who had a vision for a better way to provide cutting edge marketing solutions. Leveraging diverse professional backgrounds and multiple industry experience of over 20 years, we have successfully created a business model and system of providing services that integrate world class talent, cutting-edge technology, real world applications, superior execution strategies and value. We attribute our success to our guiding business principles:


We demand from our employees and ourselves to always operate with the highest levels of integrity, as our integrity lies at the core of our success.


We empower our employees to make any necessary decisions to serve our clients and improve our business.

Vision and Action

We believe that having a vision and taking action to make that vision a reality is critical for the success of any business.


Business is simple and straightforward.


We are loyal to our clients - without them nothing else matters.


Quality and Consistency of our services is what keeps our clients loyal.

About Us
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